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La vie est belle: I think this phrase is familiar even to the ones who do not consider themselves within the French-speaking world. Life is beautiful!

I must admit, I am very lucky: now I have the opportunity to feel it fully. Thanks to my family, my wonderful parents who brought me up and showed by their own example what is unconditional love, thanks to my fantastic friends, many of whom I know from the age of my 7 years, and others – from a more mature but no less interesting age, thanks to my best husband in the world, who in the literal sense of word opened a “brave new world” for me. Thanks to all those whom I came across and still continue to meet on my life’s journey!

Today, on April 16, 2017, thrilled by the coincidence of three important dates – the Catholic and Orthodox Easter, and the second anniversary of my wedding, – I decided to launch this blog to share my day-to-day joy.

Why did I choose a title in French? Simply because now I live in France, in one of its most marvelous regions – La Provence, feeling like Alice in Wonderland, where every other corner hides a curious story (sometimes even more than one). The number of sunny days, of course, has an impact on my outlook.

Surely, I do not intend to limit myself in terms of geography. I will write about other places where the good fortune has already taken me or keeps reserved for me in the future, and about my experience. About the things that amazed me. About the things I like. The ones that touch me. The ones that form my personal happiness. And maybe, this way I can help to increase the percentage of joy in the world around us….

As acknowledged the heroine of Vera Alentova in “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”, the Oscar-winning film of her husband, Vladimir Menshov: “Life starts at forty. Now I know it for sure!” I do agree.

Yours truly,

Masha Rabany

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